Livejournal Colour Codes
Whenever I change the colours in the Livejournal, I get utterly confused about where to put each colour. No matter how simple, I can never keep the places straight in my head. This page is mostly for personal use, but if you've got the same problem, this should help. The pictures are of my own lj, which at the time had very bright colours which makes the black look like navy blue, but you can still see what's been changed. I hope this helps! e-mail Pera?
Livejournal's Title Colour that is used, been changed Where the colour is (colour change results) Second picture/second result of change
Page background black
page text black
page link black
page visited link black
page active link black the mouse was on the words "A Succulent Dilema" when I took this shot.
page emphasized text green
weak accent green
text on weak accent green
strong accent green
text on strong accent purple
stronger accent purple
text on stronger accent green